Citizens of Glory will be at Sharon Baptist Church in Mayfield, KY on Saturday, Nov. 9 at 6:30pm. Don't miss this!

Be a part of Faithful Crossings "Back Home Tour" 2020. Give us a call and we can help book them for you in your city.

Congratulations to Mark and Cindy Maynard for being voted "best duet" in the West Virginia Quartet Convention. I'm so proud of these two.

Citizens of Glory

Also, join us in welcoming Citizens of Glory previously from California but recently moved their ministry across country to be closer to Nashville, TN which is the HUB of music for the USA. They are a family group based in Franklin, TN that you will be amazed to hear sing, play, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Go to YouTube and listen to sample of this awesome family of "Musicianairies".

The Interstate Quartet

We are so excited to bring on a new client, The Interstate Quartet from Huntsville, AL. As some of you may know, this quartet was really going back some years ago and now they are making a come-back! They are listed in the Alabama State Music Hall-of-fame. KC Booking Agency would like to welcome the Interstate Quartet to join our ministry as we work to fill their schedule and further the Kingdom of God.

KCBA Agents

Left to Right: Valerie Tedder, Kathy Copeland, Brenda Clapp